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Archive for March, 2019

  • How will my Thai partner cope in England ?

    By admin_thai on March 3, 2019
    There is little doubt that there are some massive cultural difference between Thailand and the UK and your Thai girlfriend is bound to find this a shock, especially if it is her first visit. The reality will hit her as soon as she steps off the plane, the weather for starters! As she heads toward UK Passport Control they will […]
  • Has my Thai Girlfriend really gone back “up country”?

    By admin_thai on March 2, 2019
    Has my Thai Girlfriend really gone back “up country”?I just wanted to recall a situation I am currently going through. My Thai girlfriend says that she has moved back “up country” which means to her home in Buriram. We have been together for around 5 years but I only come to Thailand on holiday twice a year for two weeks. […]