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Australian Tourist Visa Document Checklist

Australian Tourist Visa Document Checklist!

What documents are required to get your girlfriend a visa to Australia – our Australian tourist visa document checklist should help any would be applicant. This guidance will help you understand the basic Australian visa requirements but other documents maybe required each application is unique .

Australian Tourist Visa Document Checklist – Follow our Guide

Australian Tourist Visa Document Checklist

Australian Visas Thailand

  • A photo copy of the Thai ladys ID Card – you must include this with any application.
  • A completed Australian tourist visa application form is a requirement ensure its signed .
  • A letter from her employer – allowing the applicant time off from work is a must this gives her a reason to return to Thailand after the holiday visa in Australia has expired.
  • A copy of the House registration ( blue book ) – all Thai girls are registered at an address ensure you include this.
  • Letter Of invitation from Australian sponsor –  all applications should include a letter of support.
  • Statutory declaration – this carries more weight to any Tourist visa application.
  • Evidence of communication while you are n0t together- phone – email- chat logs are acceptable.
  • Photographs of you both – a good idea to include them with any visa application.
  •  Evidence Of Financial Support – western union – bank transfers
  • Copy of the sponsors passport – all pages are required.

This is only a rough guide each application is different should you require a partner visa to Australia a tourist visa will help with any future applications to live in OZ. The Australian tourist visa document checklist is a helpful guide click here to get more info about visa to Australia.

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How to apply for an Australian visa in Thailand – VFS Australia.  Or contact us we are the leading migration agents in Thailand, no win no fees.






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