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Australian Tourist Visa

Australian Tourist Visa – For My Thai Girlfriend

Visas & Migration Australia Tourist Visa – Thai Citizens

Australian tourist visa applications are difficult for some Thai citizens, as they are often considered high-risk travelers. To obtain a visa, we will need to fill out and submit Tourist Stream Visa Form 1419, which you can download. Once we have accomplished the form & other supporting documents, Thai Visa Express will process your Australian visa application in Bangkok. Our consultation agency offers a no-win-no fee service with all tourist visa applications. You will receive expert advice from our experienced immigration consultants.  Need a visa to ustralia contact us today NO Visa No Fees guaranteed call 0801022328.

Australian Tourist Visa for Thai Citizen

For first time visitors, the immigration office may only issue a three-month Australian tourist visa with a No Further Stay Condition. Depending on your circumstances, you may have the chance to receive a visa allowing you to stay in the country for three, six, nine or twelve months. Our immigration consultants can give you a thirty-minute visa assessment we can give you the correct guidance on where to lodge your visa application at the correct embassy in Thailand .

Genuine Visitor to Australia – Tourist Visa

When applying for a visa, you must show the processing visa officer that you are a genuine visitor of the country. The officer should recognise that you are only visiting Australia for leisure. Showing evidence of your intentions to return to Thailand after your vacation may increase your chance of getting an Australian tourist visa. Consider presenting as many supporting documents as possible, as officers analyse visa applications of Thai women carefully. Apart from proving that you will return to Thailand, you must also present financial documents, showing that you have sufficient funds for the trip. Further information & guidance about Australian visa applications can be found here at the official Website VFS Bangkok or browse our website for further information.


Tourist Visa Processing Time

When posted directly to the Australian embassy in Bangkok, a tourist visa application may take about a month. For applications submitted to VFS Bangkok, the process generally takes ten working days. Our agency will prepare and submit your tourist visa Australia application within a week.

Condition 8503 (No further Stay Condition)

This condition restricts Australian tourist visa holders from extending their stay in the country. It also prevents them from switching to another type of visa, such as an on shore partner visa, unless they can demonstrate that they have special circumstances to do so.

Pattaya Visa Agent

There are many visa agents offering services in Bangkok and Pattaya. When you need professional immigration advice, consider consulting experienced migration agents with formal qualifications. We are used to dealing with the visas and migration department at the Australian Embassy in Thailand on a daily basis we have an excellent rapport with the local visa officers these experts offer the following services:

  • Advice on the correct Visa
  • Filling in the visa application forms
  • All covering letters of support
  • Respond to your questions
  • Deal with the primary visa applicant
  • Translations of any Thai documents

Consulting our Immigration Specialists

Founded in 2005, Thai Visa Express has helped many clients apply for an Australian tourist visa. With a proven success rate, our company has become one of the leading immigration consultancy firms in the country. Our agency offers personalised, in-depth visa consultations 24 hours a day. As our consultants speak Thai and English proficiently, you do not have to worry about the language barrier. Thai Visa Express offers a no-visa-no fee service with all tourist visa applications. We only require an initial deposit. We have our clients’ convenience in mind, as Thai Visa Express has an office in Pattaya that you can visit any time.

Tourist Visa Australia Contact Us Today!

For Thai Visa Express, a well-prepared Australian tourist visa application gives you a better chance of acquiring an Australian tourist visa. Let us help you reach your immigration goals. Why not  use our Contact  forms or call our Sydney Australian  number  on 0408-112-111 we are happy to help you with any visa issue.

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