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Bangkok Mass Transport System

By Paul Aslett on July 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
Typical Bangkok Taxi

Typical Bangkok Taxi

Bangkok mass transport system –  where to go & how to get  around Bangkok is very easy transport is plentiful with many options. Bus prices start from less than 10 baht & most are now air conditioned, you can get a bus route ma from local bookshops & almost anywhere. The local taxi service have installed meters they estimate we have some e 30.000 plus taxis in Bangkok , if you are picked up in one ask the driver politely to use the meter don’t fall for the fixed fee services. In some instances you should agree who pays the relevant tolls as they wont be keen to-pay that’s for sure.

Having used the taxis from Bangkok airport to Pattaya & also into central Soi Nana on many occasions the service they offer is excellent.  These come in various bright colors, finding a taxi is not hard work that’s for sure. The only issue is the traffic in central Bangkok so be ready to jump out &  try an alternative mode of transport.


Bangkok Mass Transport System – Motorbike Taxi !

Motorbike Taxi Bangkok

Motorbike Taxi Bangkok

Motor Bike Taxi –  services are scattered on every corner in Bangkok, keep an eye out for those very brightly covered vests. Fees are cheap  & is the quickest form of transport in Bangkok. Its also the most dangerous form of  transport so beware ask for a helmet or these smiling assassins will expect you to pick up the police fine.

These guys are allover Thailand so if its you’re first visit to the land of smiles you will be amazed at the amount of motorcycles in Thailand they are on every corner of most Soi’s & around the hotels in the city’s. these guys can defiantly weave you in & out of the heavy traffic – they are fearless in every way & fully intend to get you to the destination asap.  Just beware of the fees for this mode of transport as these guys know a tourist from an x-pat that’s for sure.


Bangkok Mass Transport System – BTS Sky Train !

Bangkok Sky Trains

Bangkok Sky Trains

BTS Sky Train – my favorite mode of travel is the clean & fast sky train just look to the skys in  Bangkok you are never far from a station. You can transfer from this mode of transport with the MRT Subway & also connect to the very famous Chao Praya river boats . Also connecting you with Bangkoks bus stations such as Ekamai & also the MO Chit bus stations.

A great clean & cheap way to get around the busy city  & is  an essential part of the Bangkok mass transport system is defiantly the BTS Sky train  which runs around the center of the city.

Find out more about the this by visiting the a very informative site about Thailand. this site has information about hotels in Thailand  & other useful information , this includes flights , restaurants &  tourist attractions in around Thailand.

Getting Around Bangkok Is Easy!

Map Of Bangkok Mass Transport System

Map Of Bangkok Mass Transport System

Getting around Bangkok is quite easy these days, even though there are still horrendous road traffic issues to contend with. So, apart from getting around on foot, or choosing a taxi, there are other options because Bangkok has a very efficient metro (the MRT) and Mass Transport System (the BTS or Skytrain) of elevated routes above all the traffic.


BITEC, the venue for IRC2014, is served by the Bang-Na station of the BTS (station E13 on the yellow Sukhumvit Line on the map).

There is an interchange station (Siam) between the Sukhumvit Line and the Silom Line (light green on the map).

The metro (or MRT, dark blue on the map) covers many parts of the city, and there are interchanges at various stations with the BTS.

There is also a rapid transit link to Bangkok’sSuvarnabhumi International Airport.

Here are a couple of videos showing how to use the BTS Skytrain (one made by a visitor to Bangkok).






















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