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Bangkok Shopping Guide

By Paul Aslett on October 3, 2014 in Living In Thailand

Shopping for Fashion In Bangkok – Bangkok Shopping Guide

Bangkok, sometimes referred to as a “shopaholic’s paradise”, truly lives up to its name! Shopping in Bangkok offers you a wide variety of shopping malls, markets, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for bargains, luxury items, high-end fashion, or a cultural experience – you will find it here. Some of the best deals are even found late into the evening at trendy night-bazaars. Inhabited by 7 million people, this city boasts a truly unique shopping experience. Read our definitive Bangkok shopping guide all about where to take  Thai Girlfriend shopping.

Bargain Hunters – Pratunaum Market

Wholesale shopping in Bangkok is a great way to shop because you will be purchasing the clothes at an extremely inexpensive price. When arriving to Pratunaum, be ready to literally shop till you drop. This “market” is actually about three malls attached by walkways above the streets absolutely filled with mazes of shops; some selling specifically dresses for special occasions, but most with high fashion blouses, skirts, and accessories.

Since the clothes are wholesale you get the best deals by buying three items from one stall and you can even get them fitted and tailored while you shop for a small fee, allowing you to walk out with a completely custom-fitted wardrobe! Follow the big crowds to find Top Shop merchandise at a fraction of the price!

MBK Shopping Center – Bangkok Shopping Guide

Bangkok Shopping Guide

Bangkok Shopping Guide

Similar in size to Pratunaum, this is the sister mall for the shopper looking for the best deals on more than just clothes when shopping in Bangkok. The 2,000 stores and 8 floors are full of electronic appliances, mobile phones, DVD’s, furniture, luggage, stationary, as well as fashion items and accessories galore. As long as authenticity is not on your forefront, you will be sure to leave with an abundance of the cheapest items around, all found in one glorious location.

This mall is popular with tourists as well as locals and for anyone looking for the best deals around, and for a way to beat the heat and chill out in an air-conditioned environment, as this mall if full or restaurants and a cinema as well.

Luxury Consumers – Siam Paragon

This mall is more compact than the previously mentioned, but makes up for size in quality ranging from a selection of shoes by Jimmy Choo to Lamborghini’s for sale. Considering it has 5 floors and 250 shops, Paragon is still a large Bangkok shopping center but caters for a premium price tag.

You will find international high-end fashion on the first floor; leisure and lifestyle items such as furniture, cars, and beauty salons on the second and third; and the fourth contains an IT electronic wonderland. The mall isn’t complete without an aquarium and a 15 theater Cineplex on the fifth and final floor.

If you are looking for top fashion trends and quality items while shopping in Bangkok, you will be sure to find them here.

Night Time Shoppers

You’ve had your Thai papaya salad for dinner and now you’ve got the itch to shop? No problem. Night bazaars and markets have the most entertaining shopping in Bangkok. The Patpong market and shopping on Khao San Road offer the most to its consumers; fashion, booze, and even go-go dancers.

Khao San Road

Khao San Road is fun, bright, and geared toward tourists looking for cheap items to blow their cash on. Vendors will bargain with you before you even pick up an item letting you know you’re already getting a deal before you’ve started!

Patpong Night-Bazaar

Patpong is a little more organized with more “designer” items such as awfully unauthentic Louis Vuitton bags, Gucci sunglasses, and trinkets to take home as souvenirs. Don’t be fooled by this market, however, it is in no way a classier shopping experience because as soon as your eyes wander from the merchandise, you will see dozens of go-go bars and half-naked women shouting at  you to come in and watch.Only in Thailand!

Chatuchak Market – Hunting A Bargain In Bangkok

Finally, shopping in Bangkok is not complete without going to Chatuchak Market (known as Jatujak or JJ market) on the weekends…. You can spend so many Saturdays there roaming the 15,000 stores (literally) when I there. It is the world’s biggest weekend market with so many amazing finds and a great place to try out your Thai! It is located by the Kamphaengphet and Mo Chit stations.

No matter what type of fashion you are shopping for, Bangkok has it all. Be prepared to shop ’til you drop, just be sure to wear some comfortable shoes!

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