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Bangkok Sky Train

By Paul Aslett on July 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Bangkok sky train ( (Thaiรถไฟฟ้า rot fai fa) is a good way of getting around Bangkok is quite easy these days, even though there are still horrendous road traffic issues to contend with. So, apart from getting around on foot, or choosing a taxi, there are other options because Bangkok has a very efficient metro (the MRT) and Mass Transport System (the BTS or Skytrain) which has  elevated routes above all the traffic in central sukhumvit road in central  Bangkok .

Bangkok Sky Train – A Fast & Safe Way To Travel

The Bangkok sky train has 34 stations spread across two main lines which run above your head in central Bangkok the main line also connect to Bangkok’s main airport  Suvarnabhumi , Bangkok also boasts a very good underground system which is known as MRT  this is another good way & an alternative to using the Bangkok Sky train .

A lot of Thai citizens use this  the  Bangkok Sky Train as a way of commuting to work on a daily basis it runs from 06.30 am until and midnight & it can get extremely busy & extremely hot during peak hours.

Bangkok sky train

Bankok Sky Train

30 Day Pass – Bangkok Sky Train

  • For 15 trips (  valid for 30 days )  – 375 baht
  • For 25 trips (  valid for 30 days )-  575 baht
  • For 40 trips (  valid for 30 days )- 480 baht
  • For 50 trips (  valid for 30 days )- 1000 baht


List Of  – Bangkok Sky Train Stations

  • Mo Chit – Sapan Kwai -Ari – Sanam Pao
  • Victory Monument – Phaya Thai -Ratchathewi
  • Chit Lom – Ploen Chit – Nana -Asok
  • Prom Phong -Thong Lo -EKkami
  • Phra Khanong -ON Nut -Bang Chak
  • Punnawithai – Udom – Suk – Bang -Na – Bearing

Most sky stations do have elevators & toilets see here for  further information about   call the BTS helpline : +66 (0)2 617 7300 


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