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Collect data

    Your full name and surname as shown in your passport?
    Your birth date and birthplace?
    Do you have your own house/flat? BuyingBroughtRent
    Do you live with your parents or other? Are they BuyingBroughtRent
    Do you live alone? YesNo
    (If no please explain who lives with you and ages)
    What is your full home address?
    Describe your house/flat?Detached, Semi, Terraced, number of bedrooms etc.
    What is your occupation – Sole TraderLTD CompanySalaried Employeeother please adviseRetiredLiving of savings & investment
    If a self-employed please provide the nature of your business?
    How much gross salary per year if a salaried employee? £18600 +£20,000 +£30,000 +£40,000 +£50,000

    Employer(If you are Employee)

    Full name
    When did you start work there?
    If less than 6 months,please give details (dates) ofyour previous employment
    Have you ever been married? YesNo
    Thai marriageto this lady?YesNo
    If yes when?
    Previous marriages. When and where did you marry?
    Date(s)you divorced?
    Name, date of birth of previous wife?.
    Children from previous marriageYesNo
    If 18 or under we require their full names/ Dates of birth
    Which visa do you require?
    Spouse VisaMarriage VisaUnmarried partner
    Are there any key dates you would like the visa valid from?
    Are there any key dates you would like the visa valid from?
    Have the passed the A1 English test?YesNo
    TB test?YesNo

    Current processing times are 60 working days from submission at the UK/VI

    Please provide anything further regardingthe above in this blank section:


    Have your parents or any of your family members ever come to Thailand? YesNo
    Have they met your partner?YesNo
    When did you first meet online/facebook/other?
    Date you both met in person?
    How the relationship began?
    Date you last saw your partner?
    Have they visited you in the UK? YesNo
    Do you both have any children together? YesNo
    How do you communicate ifyour fiancée / wife doesn’t speak English?
    What is your E-mail address?
    What is your fiancée mobile number?
    What is your homephone number?
    What is your mobile phone number?
    Do you financially support any one else? YesNo
    If Yes. Name(s)& Relationship?
    Have you got any savings or investments? YesNo
    (If yes give details.)

    How many times have you ever been to Thailand?

    VERY IMPORTANT writes down the exact dates in and out of Thailandeven before you met