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Get Married In Thailand – 5 Easy Steps

By Paul Aslett on November 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

 Get Married In Thailand

A foreigner can get married in Thailand for this you will need to make an affirmation of freedom to marry from your respective embassy. This will state you are free to marry, if you was married previously you will need to provide evidence that you are divorced from your previous wife. If a farang is marrying another farang you must both supply an affidavit of freedom to marry. If you are marrying a Thai she will need her house blue book & her ID card & any previous divorce papers if shes been married previously.  The foreigner will need his passport in all cases & should carry it with him or her at all times, its pretty easy to enter into a marriage in Thailand remember the Buddhist wedding is not legal.

5 Easy Steps to Get Married In Thailand

Get Married In Thailand

Thai Weddings – another happy couple.

  1. Make an affirmation of freedom to marry
  2. Get it translated into Thai
  3. Legalize the affirmation at the ministry of foreign affairs in Bangkok
  4. Register the marriage at the local district office Amphur
  5. You may register the marriage if you wish in your home country

You should always get the Thai marriage certificates translated into English before you leave Thailand. Its very simle getting married in Thailand just follow our 5 steps you cant go wrong !

The British Embassy Bangkok can provide a range of notarial and documentary services for British nationals in Thailand. You must make an appointment for each service that requires your personal attendance. Please use the links after each service to make an appointment.Your marriage or civil partnership should be recognized in the UK if you follow the correct process according to local law – you won’t need to register it in the UK.

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