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Is My Thai Girlfriend Back Working in the Bar?

By admin_thai on February 8, 2020 in Thai Girlfriend

If you don’t live in Thailand, one of the biggest concerns for most men is what their Thai girlfriend is doing when you are back in England. A significant factor in this will be where she worked before you met. If she worked in an office, shop or restaurant, it would be unlikely that she would just decide to work in a bar when you aren’t there, unless it is something she has done in a previous life. However, if she is a Thai bargirl, it is natural that you will have some concerns.

What are the signs that my Thai girlfriend is working in a bar?

You want to be careful that you don’t want to jump conclusions about where your Thai girlfriend is working. She may have a legitimate reason for any of these issues, but it may need addressing if:

  • She is never able to talk after 8pm (Thai time)
  • She refuses to take video calls in the evenings
  • You never see evidence of where she claims to be
  • Her stories often change
  • She disappears from time to time and can’t talk for a few days
  • She has new clothes or items that don’t tally with her income
  • She becomes distant

What can you do?

If you don’t live in Thailand, the practical solutions are few and far between, but you could consider taking her to the UK on a UK Tourist Visa. By doing this, she may feel more secure and confident that you have a future together. She may aspire to live in the UK one day or have concerns about losing what she has. There are no guarantees, but it may help.

We can help

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