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‘Kwai” are you a buffalo (Thai) – Lek said “Im her farang buffalo”

By admin_thai on February 11, 2017 in Thai Girlfriend

”Kwai’ (Thai) what does this mean in Thailand .My girlfriend Lek said that I am her Thai buffalo  I took it as a compliment to be honest. After doing some further research on google I found the word  “kwai” [ควาย in Thai means buffalo).In Thailand they believe the buffalo is a dumb animal for some bizarre reason.

Perhaps we need some background information here & I am hoping that  you can give me you’re thoughts on whether you believe that I am ”Kwai’  -ควาย) or not .My names Dave (from Bradford) I have been with Lek for almost 3 years now we actually met in a shoe shop in soi 8 Pattaya. I consider myself to be a real lucky guy as I was in the right place at the right time most guys meet their future wife’s in bars but not me.

But thinking about it all my mates actually  met thei girlfriends in either 7/11, the beach, or perhaps working in a hotel. Other than one guy  his wife worked as a cashier in a go go in walking street.

‘Kwai” am I  a buffalo – what you thinking

I think we all need some background ……………..


”Kwai’ are you buffalo

  1. I call Lek many times but she never answers my calls. Sometimes she has to close her mobile if they have big rain in Thailand.
  2. On Fridays this is when I send her some Thai baht (10,000) a week generally. I have no issues getting hold of her on Fridays & never have done.
  3. The rest of the week she is busy working in a restaurant in Pattaya so she cannot answer her phone all the time.
  4. A lot of my friends are really jealous of me they make up stories ” I saw you’re girl in walking street” no way shes busy at work. I mean these guys are not my friends at all. They are trying to do is split us up for sure ,Lek said I should ignore them they are just jealous of what we have together.
  5. I have even built her mother a small house in Isaan & she said ” that im a hansum man ” I really like her mama & she likes me too. When we are on holiday together in Pattaya she calls Lek daily I often help out with family emergencies.
  6. I even bought her brother a motorbike for his birthday last year. The guy couldn’t get to work without it , sadly some Thai mafia guy stole his bike  last month from him outside 7/11 in Isaan.

‘Kwai” are you buffalo – whats your thoughts ?



” She also sent me this lovely message last week

I really love you teerak you are my buffalo. Friend me said you are poom pui but i say you lose kilo now mak mak. I have an emergency I hope you can help me darling. Papa me you never meet he get run over by EMS post man on number 3 now he not working. The man come cut electric & water tomorrow I love you.The police man come our home and EMS guy break leg say papa mao mak mak walk out in the Soi & he hit him. Now they want big money for hospital & guy police want problem go away for sure.

I really love you teerak you good man & big heart for me.Can you send me 150,000 please cause we need to pay , Ems fix leg , police man want paying , EMS post man want new bike can you help darling. Today me  check mid market rate today one pound is 43 baht so not big money for you teerak.

Love you Lek jub jub xxxxxx

I immediately shot down to western union as i realized Lek  was in big trouble. Her father was the major bread winner in the house if he dies then I would get taxed for sure buy generic viagra nz. So I sent the money yesterday must be big rain as phones off currently but I am pretty sure she will be in touch shortly.


Dave & Lek xxxxxx

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