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Posts tagged with ‘90 day reporting’

  • Thailand Does Perform a U-Turn on TM28 Reporting

    By admin_thai on March 3, 2020
    The TM30 and the TM28 reporting has caused uproar amongst foreigners in Thailand since it was first enforced fast year with foreigners being forced to report their whereabouts even if they just away from their home for 24-hours. It all changed (again) on January, although it went largely unnoticed and certainly unreported until now Thankfully the requirement to fill […]
  • Overstaying Your Visa In Thailand

    By Paul Aslett on May 28, 2014
    The maximum fine for a visa overstay in Thailand is 20,000 THB if you are caught by Pattaya immigration you may well go to prison & possibly be deported. This is an act of overstaying your visa in Thailand exceeding the permitted amount of time you can legally stay in Thai land is against the law. Once you enter the […]
  • Thai Visas for Nature and Wildlife Holidays

    By Paul Aslett on April 2, 2014
    Thai visas, When planning an international holiday in Asia, the obvious places to visit are those with the most historical and cultural significance. From the Taj Mahal in India to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Asia has a great deal to offer travelers interested in expanding their horizons and learning all there is to know about the world beyond their shores. […]