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Posts tagged with ‘Australian tourist visa for Thai girlfriend’

  • Australia Visa Migration Programme

    By Paul Aslett on July 28, 2014
    A total of 190 000 places make up Australia’s migration programme for 2014 -2015, as announced by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection on Budget Day. Breaking down the numbers, next year’s programme planning levels comprise of: 128 550 places for skilled migrants, including employer-sponsored, general skilled and business migrants 60 885 places for family migrants sponsored by family […]
  • Can You Trust Thai Girls – They Dont Lie

    By Paul Aslett on May 29, 2014
    So many guys are getting into relationships with Thai girls, Thailand is full of cheap hotels & flight deals its the obvious place to meet a Thai lady. The one thing with most long distance relationships with Thai girls seems to be can you trust them especially when they are perhaps 6000 miles away. The idea with a lot of […]
  • Australian Visitor Visa

    By Paul Aslett on May 24, 2014
    Three Facts You Should Know About Obtaining an Australian Visitor Visa Australia is a desirable tourist destination for many.  Known for fine dining, exotic wildlife and family-friendly activities Australia attracts families, couples and adventurers.  Thai nationals may find it difficult to obtain an Australian visitor visa however since the Australian Department of Immigration & Citizenship considers them high-risk travelers.  Here are three […]
  • Thai Girlfriends Visa

    By Paul Aslett on May 23, 2014
    [ Thai girlfriends Visa ] Four Tips for Strengthening your Long-Distance Relationship. If you’re one of the many men waiting on your Thai girlfriend’s visa, you’re probably counting the days and weeks until you’re reunited with the love of your life. While you’re waiting, here are four things that you can do to strengthen the intimacy and joy of your relationship. […]
  • Thai Dating

    By Paul Aslett on March 8, 2014
    Thai dating sites are a great way to meet your future Thai wife or girlfriend if you put the effort in. With so many sites on the internet, you are bound to meet plenty of Thai girls Thai Cupid  &  Thai Friendly is another good site to meet Thai women. Just like any relationship, learning about your significant other takes time, […]