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Posts tagged with ‘British Embassy Bangkok’

  • How to Survive the UK Spouse Visa Interview?

    By admin_thai on February 1, 2020
    If you are called for an interview as part of the UK Spouse Visa application process, it is something that you must take very seriously. Sometimes it is the applicant who is called for an interview, sometimes it is the sponsor, and sometimes it is both parties. The reason that you have been called in is because the Embassy has […]
  • Concerns Grow That the UK Visa Application Process is Inefficient

    By admin_thai on October 26, 2019
    Complaints have been increasing regarding the UK Visa application process with many applications now either being outsourced on completed online. Most of the claims stem around inefficiency. In Thailand, families have been forced to be separated for extended periods due to delays in the UK Spouse Visa application process. Two Government Websites The two main government websites, AccessUK and Visa4UK are now […]