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Posts tagged with ‘Move to the UK’

  • The UK Dependents Visa

    By admin_thai on January 30, 2020
    A child must obtain a UK Visa just in the same manner as an adult to enter the country. A Child’s UK Tourist Visa is relatively simple to obtain, but a Dependents Settlement Visa is far more complicated so we will concentrate purely on this is this article. What are the Conditions of a Child’s UK Settlement Visa acheter cialis belgique sans ordonnance? The […]
  • Take my wife to live in the UK long- term ?

    By admin_thai on November 19, 2019
    With an increasing number of UK ex-pats choosing to return to Britain, many are exploring what options are available when it comes to taking their Thai wife back to the UK with them. Of course, one of the key determinants will be the duration that your Thai wife is planning on spending in the UK. If she is planning on […]