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Posts tagged with ‘Thai bargirl’

  • Why Do British Men Want a Thai Girlfriend?

    By admin_thai on March 25, 2020
    It is a question that is often asked, particularly by people in the UK, but many western men do want a Thai girlfriend. There are the understandable fundamental reasons why men may want a Thai girlfriend such as their natural beauty and their open-minded attitude towards sex. In many cases, men find it difficult to get a girlfriend back in […]
  • Moving Back to England – Can I Trust My Thai Girlfriend?

    By admin_thai on March 17, 2020
    With an increasing number of British expats being forced to return to the UK, and leaving their girlfriends behind, certainly initially, there are naturally concerns about whether they can trust their Thai girlfriend. Although most girls return to the village, there is always the nagging concern that your Thai girlfriend has a Thai husband or that she will return to […]
  • Reasons Why You Should Take Your Thai Girlfriend to Visit the UK

    By admin_thai on March 15, 2020
    There has perhaps never been a better time to think about taking your Thai girlfriend back to the UK. The Thai Baht is performing incredibly well against Sterling making things in the UK far cheaper, and with a lack of tourists in Thailand, air travel is also cheaper than it has been for some months. All this makes the whole […]
  • What Happens if I Fall in Love With a Thai Bargirl?

    By admin_thai on March 9, 2020
    We have all no doubt heard the horror stories about falling in love with a Thai bargirl, and in fairness, a lot of these stories are true. If you have lived in Thailand for any length of time, you will have witnessed the crocodile tears as one “boyfriend” leaves only for it to all smiles and laughter an hour later […]
  • What Can You Do If Your UK Tourist Visa Gets Rejected?

    By admin_thai on February 9, 2020
    Sadly many Thai girlfriends have been turned down for UK Tourist Visas. In most cases because the application forms have been incorrectly completed or they have been given bad advice. Of course, this can be hugely disappointing for both you and your Thai girlfriend so, at Thai Visa Express, we do all we can to try and stop this happening. If […]