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Posts tagged with ‘Thai culture’

  • Why Is My Thai Girlfriend Ignoring Me?

    By admin_thai on September 24, 2019
    Anyone who has a Thai girlfriend will no doubt be able to tell many tales about their moods. Thai girls are notoriously moody, and one of the most common moods is too simply ignore you. If you live in the same house or same condo, when we say ignoring you, we mean you “have vision but no sound”; quite literally […]
  • Thai Culture and Thai Women

    By admin_thai on May 18, 2019
    Thai Culture and Thai Women – what’s the story? Thai culture and Thai women. There is little doubting that Thai culture is very different to what we are more accustomed to in the west. This can, of course, put a strain on your relationship as there are likely to be frequent misunderstandings. Undoubtedly, you will have many things in common […]
  • Why Does My Thai Girlfriend Get So Jealous?

    By admin_thai on April 7, 2019
    Why Does My Thai Girlfriend Get So Jealous? This is a question that we frequently get asked as it is a common theme. Thai girls can are notoriously jealous and there are possibly a number of reasons for this although which, if any, applies to your Thai girl may be unclear. All humans regardless of if they are male or […]
  • Is it easy to get a Thai girlfriend?

    By admin_thai on March 14, 2019
    Is it easy to get a Thai girlfriend? It seems that one of the most common searches in Google relating to Thailand is “Thai girl”. The common reason for this is that those searching are looking to find a Thai girlfriend but is it quite as easy as what some people would have you believe? Well, the answer is probably […]
  • Your Guide To Having A Thai Girlfriend

    By admin_thai on September 15, 2018
    Your Guide To Having A Thai Girlfriend. Thai girlfriends are on the whole great but almost all have their quirks. There are some huge cultural differences between those from the west and Thai ladies. If you are in a new relationship, we have put a short guide together about having a Thai girlfriend. This should give you more of an […]