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Posts tagged with ‘thai girlfriends’

  • How Much Should I Send My Thai Girlfriend Each Month?

    By admin_thai on April 7, 2020
    A topic that many people always want answering is how much money they should send their Thai girlfriend each month. Obviously, everyone’s circumstances are different, and it will depend on if you live in Thailand or overseas, what your girlfriend does for work and, of course, how much you can afford. It is perhaps this last point that is most […]
  • Is My Thai Girlfriend Back Working in the Bar?

    By admin_thai on February 8, 2020
    If you don’t live in Thailand, one of the biggest concerns for most men is what their Thai girlfriend is doing when you are back in England. A significant factor in this will be where she worked before you met. If she worked in an office, shop or restaurant, it would be unlikely that she would just decide to work […]
  • The UK Standard Visitor Visa and UK Tourist Visa

    By admin_thai on May 5, 2019
    How do I apply for a general visitors visa to the UK? The UK Standard Visitor Visa, is often mistaken for the UK Tourist Visa, is a visa that was brought in to replace 9 other visitor visas back in 2015. If your Thai girlfriend if thinking of visiting the UK for a holiday she will need a UK Tourist […]
  • Does My Thai Girlfriend Love Me?

    By admin_thai on May 1, 2019
    Thai girlfriend relationship issues I have been with my Thai girlfriend for almost 12 months and I am considering taking her to visit the UK on a UK Tourist Visa.  However, I want to know “Does my Thai girlfriend love me?” Although I based in Thailand, I am frequently required to travel to other parts of Asia and I am […]
  • Is it easy to get a Thai girlfriend?

    By admin_thai on March 14, 2019
    Is it easy to get a Thai girlfriend? It seems that one of the most common searches in Google relating to Thailand is “Thai girl”. The common reason for this is that those searching are looking to find a Thai girlfriend but is it quite as easy as what some people would have you believe? Well, the answer is probably […]