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Posts tagged with ‘Thai hookers’

  • Was Changing Pattaya’s Image a Mistake?

    By admin_thai on March 27, 2020
    Pattaya has undoubtedly changed its image in the last decade and can now genuinely claim to be a family-orientated resort. While this is a good on the one hand as we have undoubtedly seen an increase in the TOTAL number of tourist coming to the city, it seems to have impacted heavily on the numbers of western tourists. We often […]
  • Why Are More Thai Girls Using The Internet to Meet Men?

    By admin_thai on February 21, 2020
    Although Pattaya is undoubtedly changing, there is still a large group of men who come to the city in search of love. Most of the time, this involves men travelling from bar to bar, hoping that they can find their dream Thai girlfriend who they can maybe take back to the UK on a UK Tourist Visa. However, with the number […]