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Posts tagged with ‘Thai spouse visa’

  • UK holiday visa for Thai national – tips & advice

    By admin_thai on May 30, 2019
    How to obtain a Uk holiday visa for Thai national I have been with my Thai girlfriend for 6 months and we are getting on really well. I need to return to the UK for a month and would like to take my her with me. I keep hearing all sorts of stories about the type of visa that she […]
  • Submission of UK Visa application Documents

    By admin_thai on April 25, 2019
    Submission of UK Visa Application Documents. Following recent changes made by the Home Office, it is now a requirement that you submit your supporting documents for your application for a UK Visa to VFS Global in person for scanning. This can mean a costly and time-consuming trip to London. Thai Visa Express can make this easy for you with our […]
  • Is a Thai marriage recognised in the UK?

    By admin_thai on July 3, 2018
    In Thai culture, there are different types of wedding, the ones that have been officially registered and ones that have been performed by a village elder and/or monks. Is a Thai marriage recognised in the UK,  yes but it must have been officially registered so that you are both legally married?  In order to be legally married in Thailand, a […]