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Posts tagged with ‘Thailand’

  • Thai Immigration to Improve Online TM30 System

    By admin_thai on October 24, 2019
    The stricter implementation of the TM30 rules has caused a great deal of unhappiness amongst foreigners living in Thailand. While most visitors who stay in hotels remain unaffected, it is the expats who are encountering problems either when they return to the country or visit other parts of the country. The idea that you have to report your whereabouts within […]
  • Common Problems with a Thai Girlfriend

    By admin_thai on July 23, 2019
    Many single men come to Thailand with the intention of finding love. Most of us would agree that Thai girls are beautiful but as hot-blooded, western men we need to appreciate that there are some fairly major cultural differences between us. These cultural differences often lead to frequent problems with your Thai girlfriend are usually caused by a misunderstanding on […]
  • What is a Thai marriage visa – Immigration Thailand

    By admin_thai on June 10, 2019
    What is a Thai marriage visa? Many expats living in Thailand will be married to a Thai lady. Whilst this is the natural progression in any relationship, it will also open the door to the opportunity to be able to apply for a Thai Marriage Visa. However, the Thai Marriage Visa is notoriously hard to obtain and is most frequently […]