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Posts tagged with ‘TM30’

  • Thailand Does Perform a U-Turn on TM28 Reporting

    By admin_thai on March 3, 2020
    The TM30 and the TM28 reporting has caused uproar amongst foreigners in Thailand since it was first enforced fast year with foreigners being forced to report their whereabouts even if they just away from their home for 24-hours. It all changed (again) on January, although it went largely unnoticed and certainly unreported until now Thankfully the requirement to fill […]
  • Thai Immigration to Improve Online TM30 System

    By admin_thai on October 24, 2019
    The stricter implementation of the TM30 rules has caused a great deal of unhappiness amongst foreigners living in Thailand. While most visitors who stay in hotels remain unaffected, it is the expats who are encountering problems either when they return to the country or visit other parts of the country. The idea that you have to report your whereabouts within […]
  • What is a TM 30?

    By admin_thai on September 7, 2019
    The TM30 has been making the headlines in Thailand recently, but how many people know what it? The TM 30 is a form that must be completed by is you have a foreign national staying at your property and submitted to the local immigration department. The ruling is not new but is now being enforced at the request of Interpol […]