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Posts tagged with ‘Travel to the UK’

  • The UK Same-Sex Partner Visa

    By admin_thai on November 23, 2019
    Many gay men come to Thailand to find love just in the same way as a straight man would. If you meet someone and you would like to take them back to the UK, you would need to apply for a Tourist Visa, just as you would with a Thai girl. However, if you are in a long-lasting relationship with […]
  • How Do You Prove Your Relationship With Your Thai Partner?

    By admin_thai on July 14, 2019
    If you live in the UK and your Thai girlfriend, wife or fiancée lives in Thailand, proving that you are in a genuine relationship can be quite difficult. Whilst you and your Thai girlfriend, your friends and family and most of the world may know, you still need to be able to prove it in order to qualify for certain […]