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Posts tagged with ‘UK visa application’

  • Is A UK Spouse Visa Hard to Obtain?

    By admin_thai on May 8, 2019
    Visa requirements for Thai citizens – why do some applications fail We often find that there is an assumption that is easy to obtain a UK visa for Thai spouse however, this is not actually the case. This demonstrates the important role that we play here a Thai Visa Express in trying to ensure that families are not separated. Here […]
  • A Guide To UK Settlement Visas : Getting Your Wife A UK Settlement Visa

    By Paul Aslett on February 5, 2015
     A Guide To UK Settlement Visas – Getting Your Wife A Settlement Visa A guide to UK  settlement visas love may be able to move mountains but it will never change the laws of immigration. getting your Thai wife to the UK can be a daunting task for any applicant applying to settle in the UK from Thailand. Imagining touching UK […]
  • UK Visitor Visa – UK Visa Thailand

    By Paul Aslett on November 7, 2014
    Admittance clearance is essential for Thai nationals to forgo the United Kingdom. A UK Visitor Visa Thailand could be granted with regard to visitors who wish to stay for up to 6 months this type of visa is multi-entry which means the holder can enter and exit as they please. This visa can be applied for at  VFS UK or […]
  • Financial Requirement – family visas minimum income requirements

    By Paul Aslett on July 29, 2014
    What is the new financial requirement? The Government has won a challenge over the legality of new immigration measures affecting UK citizens who want their spouses, partners or stepchildren to join them in this country from overseas. three leading judges in London on the 11th July allowed an appeal by the Home Secretary over a ruling given in July last […]
  • Settlement Visa For Thai Wife

    By Paul Aslett on May 26, 2014
    5 Tips To Develop a Solid Relationship While You Wait for a Settlement Visa to the UK Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain.  After all, the essence of a relationship is spending time with each other.  And when you’re living in different countries, you can’t spend that much time together.  You can’t go on dates to movies or dinner.  You […]
  • UK Spouse Visa: For Your Thai Wife to Live in the UK

    By Paul Aslett on April 2, 2014
    UK immigration laws, rules, and policies constantly change. This makes the already difficult visa application and immigration process for your Thai wife even more overwhelming and confusing. Thai Visa Express stays up to date with UK immigration legislation and works hard to obtain your wife a UK Spouse visa with the first application. UK spouse visa for your Thai wife […]