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My Thai Gik

By Paul Aslett on October 28, 2014 in Thai Girlfriend - Dating Thais

Gik’s, Mia’s, Mia Noi’s and Fen’s in Thailand –Gík (กิ๊ก) = mistress

My Thai Gik’s, Mia’s, Mia Noi’s and Fen’s what do all these mean? Have you heard the word before, have you ever been described as one, well I hope to put the record straight as far as I can and explain what exactly these Thai words really do mean.

My Thai Gík (กิ๊ก) = mistress – Thai Girlfriend 

My Thai ‘Gik’ this is a person you are in a casual relationship with, with no promise of a future. There is mutual acceptance of this between both parties. This is not secluded to being a hook up for sex, although it can be only that. Often, Giks are treated much like a Fen (see below), without the expectation of a future together and no esteemed public recognition. I’ve heard people speak of their Giks much like most Westerners speak of a friend of the opposite sex (where no sexual contact occurs), while with others, it is definitely a romantic and/or sexual relationship.

So a Thai Gik relationship is a discreet relationship, often more common among the young, some have several Giks. A Gik is usually rewarded with dinners, sometimes small gifts. These relationships often come and go quickly and there should be no expectations either way, though a Gik may sometimes end up being upgraded to a proper girlfriend or boyfriend.

As a foreigner (Farang), your only real chance of a Thai Gik, though, is if you are being chased by a girl in the sex trade. A regular Girlfriend that you are having sexual relations with is not considered a Gik; she is simply a Thai Girlfriend. Some bar girls will go with foreign men and not let them pay. These will be men they like and the idea is to snag them and get them to fall in love with her. This is still essentially not a Gik, but is as close as most Farangs get to having one.

Mia Yai

Mia Yai, this means a person has a “Major wife”  a proper, legal wife, enough said!

Mia Noi

Mia Noi, this means a person has a “Minor wife” – mistress, though with a certain (financial) responsibility, not legal and not official, though Mia Yai may or may not know or approve that she exists. May have children together, though not often. Financial help is expected, often provided in the form of gifts. According to a recent article I saw, most male Thai MPs have Mia Noi’s.

Whats A Fen

Fen, this is a person you are in a serious relationship with, with a promise of a future. For example, a future spouse or your current one. The one you bring to family functions, your partner in the face of the community. Most pubescent and post-pubescent Thais have a Fen, particularly those in smaller communities. Some have a Fen, some have two, generally, those men who have enough money to support more than one woman and/or family financially. In my opinion, I will also extend this to those (male and female) who are cunning enough to have more than one. Frequently people will have more than one Fen openly. Men are more open about this whilst women tend to hide the fact.

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