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Thai Lady boys

By Paul Aslett on January 15, 2015 in Pattaya Thailand, Uncategorized

Thai Lady Boys –  Everything You Should KnowThai lady boys

Thai lady boys as they are commonly know as can be found all over Thailand & in a variety of places that’s for sure. the best way to meet a Thai lady boy is to hit the lady boy bars in Bangkok and Pattaya. If you’re a newbie to the lady boy scene in Thailand this is perhaps the safest way for your new obsession, you can of course join various Thai dating site but this is perhaps the most interesting way to meet a lady boy in Thailand. A lot of guys dabble on the dark side with the lady boys of Thailand often having Thai girlfriends they still like to have the odd encounters with lady boys.

Best Thai Lady Boy Bars In Bangkok

  • Kings corner –  a very lively a go go bar with many Thai lady boys.
  • The Guess Bar –  best described as a lady boy gentlemen s club  not a real variety around 8 to perhaps 15 lady boys work in this establishment.
  • Cascade Bar –  located in Nana Plaza entertainment complex on the top floor, a very busy with 60 – 80 lady boys working a night.
  • Obsession – a must for any lady boy lovers  this bar is also located on the bottom floor of Nana Plaza entertainment center.

Best Thai Lady Boy Bars In Pattaya

  • Pook bar soi 6 in Pattaya has an abundance of katoeys
  • Sensations is amongst the most popular lady boy bars in Pattaya – off soi buakow close to LK Metro
  • Lady boy go -go in pattaya –  stringfellows a go go – Quite a small, intimate go-go bar, but nether less a lot of action in here
  • La Bamba bar & guesthouse – a very popular lady boy haunt in central Pattaya soi 13/1
  • Baby boom a go go – Soi buakow close to soi 15 very small & very hands on here.

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You will obviously find your own favorite Thai lady boy haunts happy hunting!

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