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Thai Visa Pages

Thai visa – Express Thai Visa

Thai Visa – Application Assistance & Immigration Advice
Thai Visa Extension – Extend My Thai Visa

With a vast array of Thai visa available for foreigners wishing to  retire in Thailand or perhaps just extend their stay we offer the complete service & can help you choose the correct Thai Visa for your individual needs. Our central Pattaya office located in Soi Buakow offers a central Pattaya city location open 10 – 5 pm for all your Thai visa needs

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Retirement Visa – Retire In Thailand

Retirement Visa – How To Retire In Thailand

A retirement visa is the most common type for Thailand expats. It allows visitors to stay longer in Thailand, provided they satisfy the financial criteria or requirement. Thai Visa Express specializes in helping clients get their nonimmigrant o-visa visa faster and easier.

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Education Visa Thailand

Education Visa Thailand – Study Thai

Student visa Thailand people of  almost every nationality can apply for a one-year Non-Immigrant Education visa.The “ED” Visa  short for ( education visa) is your entry visa if you plan to stay in Thailand for the purpose of study. If you are tired of frequent border runs to Cambodia or Laos this visa allows you to stay in Thailand for up to 90 days then you must report to local immigration.

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Pension Income Letter

Pension Income Letter – Renew Your Retirement Visa

Pension income letter we are the guys to talk to we can take your pension income  letters to Bangkok for only 3500 baht. If you live up country you can also post your documents to us directly or send to us via email and add a further 100 Thai baht for the document to be returned to you via EMS registered post.

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Thai marriage visa

Thai marriage Visa – Stay Long-term In Thailand
Marriage Visa Thailand Requirements

Thai marriage visa lets you stay or live in Thailand for a year or so with your spouse. It allows you to work or get a work permit. You can also renew this visa without leaving the country by just attending the Thai immigration office.

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90 day reporting In Thailand

90 Day Reporting in Thailand – Doing The 90 Day Report

As an owner of a long stay visa in Thailand, you need to report to the Thai Immigration office every 90 days to let the officers know where you are residing. Thai Visa Express assists non-immigrants in Thailand to handle their 90-day reporting in Thailand. We will ensure a smooth and easy process for a longer stay in the country.

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Visa Overstay – Overstay In Thailand

Overstaying In Thailand – Visa Overstays Whats It Cost ?

Thai Visa Express is aware that some  foreigners have visa overstay issues. We understand the possible reasons and consequences of this type of occurrence, and we want to share the knowledge with you. We will help you find the right solution to the problem. You must in all cases immediately report to your nearest immigration office and make them aware of your overstay in some cases you can pay a fine and clear the matter immediately

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Consular Embassy Services in ThailandUK Student Visa

Consular Embassy Services In Thailand for Foreign Visitors and Residents.Information on the assistance and services provided, including the replacement of lost/stolen passports for foreign visitors or expats from the UK, Australia, USA, Canada and Australia from their respective embassies and consulates in Thailand.

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Thai Consulate UK

Thai Consulate UK – Get A Visa To Thailand

The principal Thai consulate  UK forms part of the Royal Thai Embassy in London. However the Royal Thai Embassy also has a number of regional consulates throughout the UK that also offer limited Consular services.

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