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Pension Income Letter

Pension Income Letter – Renew Your Retirement VisaPension Income Letter

Pension income letter we are the guys to talk to we can take your pension income  letters to Bangkok for only 3500 baht. If you live up country you can also post your documents to us directly or send to us via email and add a further 100 Thai baht for the document to be returned to you via EMS registered post.

No Need To Travel To Bangkok – We Do Everything

The Consular Section British Embassy Bangkok is able to issue a standard letter addressed to Thai Immigration confirming your pension/income to support the renewal/extension of your retirement visa. This letter is a Thai requirement and the granting of the visa is at the sole discretion of the Thai Immigration authorities, not the British Embassy. Many x-pats use the pension income letter to apply for their retirement visa/marriage visa this demonstrates you meet the required income.

We can take your pension income letters every Wednesday to the British embassy in Bangkok we would ask you to visit our offices or send via post before Tuesday afternoon. The income requirement paperwork will be filled in to satisfy the requirements we will then travel to Bangkok the following day your income letter will be ready for you to collect after 3 pm on Monday afternoon.


Documents Required ;

  • Copy of your passport
  • Evidence of your current income from pensions or other sources
  • A local Thai address
  • Income information checklist
  • Turnaround time is around 7 working days

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Contact our Pattaya visa office today so we can answer your questions regarding your pension income letter today via email or call 0801022328. We open from 10 am -5 pm Mon – Friday .