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UK passport renewals Thailand

Are You a UK Citizen Retiring in Thailand? Let Us Help You With Your UK Passport Renewal in Thailand

UK passport renewals Thailand.Many British citizens enjoy a fantastic retirement in Thailand. When you are looking for a place to retire, ideally you want to find a location that offers you an improved quality of life for your later years. If you can stretch your retirement dollars while enjoying a mild climate, fun recreation opportunities and the amenities of urban life as well, then you are in luck.

UK Passport Renewals Thailand Guidance UK passport renewals thailand

  1. 2 x passport photographs
  2. OS passport form completing
  3. original passport
  4. processing is 28 days currently
Passport typePassport feeTotal to pay (including courier fee)
Adult standard 32-page passport£83.00£106.01
Adult jumbo 48-page passport£91.00£114.01

Thailand offers all of these things, because they have warm weather, (the coldest temperatures are around 26 degrees Celsius. They have beaches, mountains and even rain forests to explore. Plus, a favorable exchange rate means that you can live very affordably in Thailand, considered to be one of the most premium locations for luxury resorts that offer high-end amenities as well as affordable options.

British citizens are able to retire comfortably in Thailand when they apply for a Thai Retirement Visa, also referred to as a Non-Immigrant OA-Long Stay Visa.  To apply for this visa, you must show financial stability and be over the age of 50. Once you have received your retirement visa, you can have it renewed every year.

One thing to keep in mind while you are retiring in Thailand is that you will want to keep your UK passport up to date. You don’t want to risk limiting your return to the UK to visit family. However, if your UK passport is scheduled to expire while you are in Thailand, you don’t have to return to the UK to renew your passport. Instead, we can help you file for your UK passport renewals in Thailand. The process can be complicated, but we guarantee our results.

If you have questions about the passport renewal process, please contact us.

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