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UK Spouse Visa: For Your Thai Wife to Live in the UK

UK immigration laws, rules and policies constantly change. This makes the already difficult visa application and immigration process for your Thai wife even more overwhelming and confusing. Thai Visa Express stays up to date with UK immigration legislation and works hard to obtain your wife a UK Spouse visa with the first application.

UK Spouse Visa

UK Spouse Visa For Your Thai Wife

UK Settlement Visa  often refereed to as a UK spouse visa enables UK citizens to have their Thai wife, children or other dependents, settle in the UK. The UK Settlement Visa allows your wife or dependents to visit or live in the UK up to 5 years, work in the UK, and apply for permanent residence after 5 years. In order for your wife or dependents to qualify for this visa, they must meet A1 English language requirements and you must meet the UK financial requirements as introduced in 2012.

If you are not yet married to your Thai girlfriend, but want to bring her to the UK before marriage, the UK Fiancée Visa application offered by Thai Visa Express will simplify this extremely complicated and difficult process. The UK Fiancée Visa is designed to help Thai people who want to get married in the UK and then switch to a different visa after marriage (such as the UK Spouse Visa or the UK Settlement Visa).

You and your Thai fiancée or girlfriend will need the following in order to qualify for the OK fiancée Visa:

  • She will need to meet A1 English test requirements.
  • She must be Tuberculosis or TB free.
  • The two of you must have met before engagement or application.
  • You must be married within 6 months of your fiancée entering the UK.
  • You and your fiancée must be 18 years of age, or older.
  • You must meet the financial requirements.

Thai Visa Express is staffed with OISC Registered advisers who are prepared to help clients with unique circumstances. For your convenience, Thai Visa Express accepts payments both in sterling and local currency. You can find Thai Visa Express offices in both the UK and Thailand we can help you process your spouse visa .

For more information, contact us or call (from the UK) 0845-527-9366.

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