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UK Visa for A Thai National

UK Visa For A Thai National

Getting Your Thai Wife OR Girlfriend A Visa To the UK

UK Visa For a Thai national

UK Visa For A Thai National

Getting a UK visa for a Thai national can in some cases prove difficult. Before you embark on taking you’re Thai girlfriend to England ensure you cover  the visa basics & cover all the angles. Doing you’re homework & reading good information written by professional visa agents is a must, you would use a solicitor to buy a house in the UK so you should consider using a professional immigration consultant, not some Pattaya travel agent claiming hes a visa expert.

Top  Reasons Why UK Visitors Visas Get Declined In Thailand

  • Lack of supporting documents
  • You are unemployed
  • You have no real assets & ties to your host country
  • No evidence of accommodation on offer in the UK
  • You have failed to explain your current circumstances
  • No evidence of a relationship with your claimed sponsor
  • Insufficient funds you cannot meet the cost of the onward journey
  • No previous immigration travel history
  • Poor application preparation

Your partner would stand a good chance of getting a visa if she has a stable job or income , they will frown upon bar work as they may believe she is selling her body or she maybe involved in prostitution. Other positives are dependent children,brothers & sisters, assets & ties such as land or a house. These are ties to Thailand & a positive reason for her to return home after her holiday in the UK.

Submission Of The visa UK Application – Biometrics & Fingerprints

  • Applications are submitted in person
  • Biometrics & fingerprints are taken
  • Visa fees are payable online
  • You must have a valid appointment
  • You may courier the application back to your home

What Supporting evidence Should The UK Sponsor Supply ?

Getting a UK  visa for a Thai national what are the basic documents required or what is expected.

  • Passport copy
  • Financial evidence
  • Accommodation evidence
  • Call records
  • Photographs
  • Money transfers

All Of The Above Should Be Submitted As A Minimum Requirement

All of the above should be included being in a subsisting relationship is not a reason for refusal but it can help swing the eco decision your way if he or she thinks you may apply for a UK settlement visa at a later date. Dong the visa application will save you money however trying to address a UK visa refusal later on is far more difficult.

further information on UK Visa applications can be found here :

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