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Income Requirements
The stipulations for the financial requirements for the spouse visa are quite clear in the amounts required, but it is perhaps less clear what income will qualify. Here is our list of what is included although this is not exhaustive: Income from employment, either salaried or otherwise. If the income is your Thai wife’s salary, she would need to seek
Indefinite Leave to Remain
If your Thai wife has missed the deadline for extending her visa, then she could encounter some serious problems. Luckily, there is a way for buying some time than may mean that your visa does get processed and you can get back to normal. Generally, this means applying online. Why it is Important Not to Become an Overstayer Anyone who
What Are The Requirements For a UK Tourist Visa?
The UK Tourist Visa is the perfect visa if you are thinking of taking your Thai girlfriend back to the UK for a short visit. It will allow her to get to see the UK, meet your friends and family and be accustomed to the British way of life. Although it is easier to obtain than a long-term visa, there
Why Are So Many Brits Choosing To Leave Thailand?
Thailand and cities such as Pattaya have always had a high proportion of British Expats. Many of those are retirees living on British pensions or an income from the UK. Others are working in the area, often in oil gas, real estate or financial services. However, in the last couple of years, it has been noticeable how many of the
What Are The Requirements For A UK Spouse Visa?
What are the requirements for a UK Spouse Visa? If you have decided to relocate back to the UK, you will no doubt want to take you Thai wife with you. Your Thai wife can apply to settle in the UK if she applies for UK Spouse Visa. Initially, your Thai spouse will be allowed to enter the UK within
My Thai Girlfriend Was Refused a UK Tourist Visa when can we re-apply ?
The UKVI are getting stricter when it comes to applications for a UK Tourist Visa. As a result, it is not uncommon for people to get rejected and, indeed, your Thai girlfriend may be one of those people. If she has been rejected before there is no reason why she can’t apply again, although it is essential to establish why
Thai Phrases
If you visit any country in the world, knowing some of the language will certainly help you. In Bangkok and other tourist areas, the level of English spoken is reasonable but if you go into the provinces, the amount of English spoken is minimal at best. Speaking some Thai be seen favourably by locals and will demonstrate that you are
What is the NHS Surcharge?
The NHS Surcharge or Immigration Health Surcharge must be paid in order for your Thai wife to obtain a UK Spouse Visa. It will entitle your wife to free healthcare from the NHS (excluding prescriptions, optical and dental care). It was first introduced in 2015 and means that your Thai wife will not need to pay a fee at a
What is a TM 30?
The TM30 has been making the headlines in Thailand recently, but how many people know what it? The TM 30 is a form that must be completed by is you have a foreign national staying at your property and submitted to the local immigration department. The ruling is not new but is now being enforced at the request of Interpol
What Are The Requirements For A Thai Retirement Visa?
A Thai Retirement Visa is the most popular way for over 50s to live in Thailand. The local and national press have recently been reporting that the process is getting increasingly difficult. To start the application, you must have a valid passport with at least one year remaining and two free pages along with proof of funds. To give you