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Sin Sod in Thailand
One of the things that differs very much in Thailand to the west is the fact that a dowry is expected to be paid when you marry a Thai girl. Often referred to as Sin Sod, it is something that forms a large part of Thai culture and is a reward for parents bringing up their daughter well. To a
UK Student Visa
An increasing number of Thai students, Thai girls, in particular, are looking to further their studies overseas with the UK often being the destination of choice. In order to do so, they would need to apply for a UK Student Visa, or to give its full name, the Tier 4 – UK Student Visa. The visa allows students a great deal
Thai Medical Visa
The Thai government has recently proposed a new visa, a 12-month multi-entry “Medical Visa” which could be known as the Non-MT visa. The visa is designed for those people who visit Thailand for medical tourism reasons. The visa was suggested by the Thai deputy PM and health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul, and the tourism and sports minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn. Thailand currently
UK Returning Residents Visa
For many expats that are living in Thailand, they have lived with their Thai wives in the UK previously. With the strength of the Thai Baht against the Pound, along with issues surrounding the Thai Retirement Visa, many have decided that they must return to the UK, with their Thai wives. In these circumstances, the Thai wife would be a
Thai Girlfriend
Many people still come to Thailand and Pattaya in particular in search of love. They hope to find a Thai girlfriend, usually a Thai bargirl and eventually take her to the UK, initially on a UK Tourist Visa, and should they get married, a UK Spouse Visa. However, with western tourists reducing in numbers, many bars and agogos are closing. Also, Pattaya
Sponsor Thai Wife
If you and your Thai wife are planning on moving back to the UK, in most circumstances, you will need to act as her sponsor. In order to qualify for a UK Spouse Visa, you will need to earn a minimum of £18,600 per annum. This figure is significantly higher than the minimum wage, and you must have been receiving the
Moving to the UK
Any expat will tell you that moving to a new country can be challenging, especially at first, so your Thai wife will face exactly the same challenges. Firstly, she will need to arrange a UK Spouse Visa so that she can both enter and live in the UK legally. It will allow her to work in the UK, which may help
Applying for a school in the UK
When you and your Thai wife return to the UK with a child on a UK Spouse Visa along with a UK Dependent Visas, you will be keen to get your children enrolled in a school. You will want this to be a school close to your home and one that provides an excellent level of education. Some of these schools will have
Check the status of UK Visa
Naturally, you and your Thai girlfriend or Thai wife will be concerned about the progress of your application for a UK Visa such as a UK Tourist Visa or a UK Settlement Visa. You can check your application online via the UK Visa Status Check page on the VFS Global website. What information do I need? Your case ID number sometimes referred to as
Tourists in Pattaya
Pattaya has certainly changed as a holiday destination in recent years. Gone are the days where the city was a hotspot for western men looking to find a Thai girlfriend to take back to the UK on a UK Tourist Visa or even a UK Spouse Visa. Although this side of the city still exists, albeit to a lesser extent, the focus is