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Positives for Pattaya
There is no getting away from the fact that Pattaya, along with nearly everywhere else in the world has been adversely affected by the coronavirus or Covid-19. However, through all the bleak news and the despair, are there any positives that may come out after the whole sorry affair has passed and we start getting back to “normal”? Infrastructure Improvements
Living In Thailand
Visiting the UK
It is common for many Thai and farang couples to live in different countries. You may go to Thailand several times a year to see your Thai partner and thoroughly enjoy it, catching up with friends in the process. We all love coming to Thailand, but sometimes we would also like our Thai girlfriend to go to the UK and
Thai Girlfriend
Marry Thai girlfriend
The subject of marriage is a topic that many girls like to bring up, and that is no different anywhere in the world. However, in Thailand, it can be a subject that is brought up more often with your Thai lady keen to secure not only her own future but that of her family. Westerners are still viewed as the
Thai Girlfriend
Estate Planning
Although dying is never a subject that anyone wants to think about or indeed talk about, making plans for those that you love after your passing is vital. If you live in Thailand and you have a Thai wife or long-term Thai girlfriend, you will want to ensure that they are financially looked after. In many cases, partners are often
Living In Thailand
Leaving Thailand
Just as Pattaya appeared to be showing some signs of recovery, the coronavirus has once again hit the city badly. Inevitably, many of the hardest hit are the westerners working in the city. With tourist numbers being almost non-existent, many businesses face the prospect of being forced to close their door permanently. When this is combined with Sterling rapidly losing
Living In Thailand