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UK Fiancee Visa
We recently received this enquiry regarding a UK Fiancée Visa which is so typical of the questions that we often get asked. “I have been with my Thai Girlfriend for several years, and she has visited England on several occasions. We have now decided that we want to get married but would like to get married in the UK as
Adopt a Child in Thailand
If you have a Thai girlfriend or wife, there is a good chance that she will have a child from a previous relationship. If you have been together for a long time, you may wish to adopt the child, especially if you have brought them up as your own. Any child adoption case in Thailand goes before the Child Adoption
Thai girlfriend
Anyone who has a Thai girlfriend will no doubt be able to tell many tales about their moods. Thai girls are notoriously moody, and one of the most common moods is too simply ignore you. If you live in the same house or same condo, when we say ignoring you, we mean you “have vision but no sound”; quite literally
Work in the UK
If your Thai wife is planning to live in the UK and has entered the country on a UK Spouse Visa, she will be allowed to work in the UK. If, on the other hand, she has entered the country on a UK Tourist Visa and is only planning to stay for up to six months, then she will be
UK Tourist Visa
Your Thai girlfriend will be able to visit the UK on a UK Tourist Visa. The application will be made at the British Embassy in Bangkok, and it is important to remember that the only person that they are interested in is your Thai girlfriend, not you! What are the requirements for the UK Tourist Visa? Your Thai girlfriend must
Strong Thai Baht
The Thai Baht has been performing incredibly well against most other major currencies for the last few years. On the face of it, this would seem like a good thing for the Thai economy but is that really the case? Thailand is a large importer of parts connected to the engineering sector, so these are naturally cheaper. However, with foreign
Thai Wedding
A Thai Village Weddings is a common occurrence, especially in Isaan and is the joining of a couple in a common-law marriage although they are not legally married. The event is taken very seriously, and monks and village elders will be present. Both the bride and the groom will dress in traditional attire, and the festivities will last all day,
Income Requirements
The stipulations for the financial requirements for the spouse visa are quite clear in the amounts required, but it is perhaps less clear what income will qualify. Here is our list of what is included although this is not exhaustive: Income from employment, either salaried or otherwise. If the income is your Thai wife’s salary, she would need to seek
Indefinite Leave to Remain
If your Thai wife has missed the deadline for extending her visa, then she could encounter some serious problems. Luckily, there is a way for buying some time than may mean that your visa does get processed and you can get back to normal. Generally, this means applying online. Why it is Important Not to Become an Overstayer Anyone who
What Are The Requirements For a UK Tourist Visa?
The UK Tourist Visa is the perfect visa if you are thinking of taking your Thai girlfriend back to the UK for a short visit. It will allow her to get to see the UK, meet your friends and family and be accustomed to the British way of life. Although it is easier to obtain than a long-term visa, there