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Australian Visa Service
Australian Visa Service Thailand: Tips for Adjusting to Life in Australia Learning to live in a new country can be terrifying.  You feel like you’re surrounded by strangers.  And even if you speak the same language, their accents are different, their food is different and the way they get things done is also different.  If you’re an Australian citizen marrying
Why You Should Consider Using an Australian Visa Service Are you planning to visit Australia or are you looking to bring your Thai wife to join you?  No matter your reason, you will need to navigate the Australian visa process.  We suggest you consider using an Australian visa service to help you through the process it’s quick efficient and can save
Australian visa
Long-distance relationships can be complicated and are known to have their own unique difficulties. However, there are some benefits of long-distance relationships that can benefit your relationship while you’re waiting for your Thai girlfriend’s Australian Visa. As you count down the days, here are some benefits of your unique situation that can help you appreciate this stage of your relationship (while
Partner visa Thai wife
 About Obtaining an Australian Partner Visa For Thai Wife If you have found that the love of your life is your Thai partner and you would like to bring her to Australia you will need to obtain an Australian visa. Thai Visa Express is experienced in all partner Visa Thai wife applications and they can offer you guidance and assistance so
Thai Visas
Thai visas, When planning an international holiday in Asia, the obvious places to visit are those with the most historical and cultural significance. From the Taj Mahal in India to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Asia has a great deal to offer travelers interested in expanding their horizons and learning all there is to know about the world beyond their shores.
retirement visas
Thinking about a retirement visa, after working for 25 years in a job you loved but cannot get away from fast enough, retirement seems to be all you can think about. While it may be convenient to live in the same place you have lived for the last couple of decades, some people think of retiring as another opportunity to
UK spouse visa
UK immigration laws, rules, and policies constantly change. This makes the already difficult visa application and immigration process for your Thai wife even more overwhelming and confusing. Thai Visa Express stays up to date with UK immigration legislation and works hard to obtain your wife a UK Spouse visa with the first application. UK spouse visa for your Thai wife
Thai retirement visa
Thai retirement visa lives the dream in Thailand.Like many of your peers, you have put in decades of hard work, building a family, a home and a life.  Now that it’s time to retire, shouldn’t you be looking less at retiring to the same old location, and more at retiring in beauty and luxury? You can get a Thai retirement
Thai dating sites are a great way to meet your future Thai wife or girlfriend if you put the effort in. With so many sites on the internet, you are bound to meet plenty of Thai girls Thai Cupid  &  Thai Friendly is another good site to meet Thai women. Just like any relationship, learning about your significant other takes time,
UK Immigration consultant
In life, you want every advantage you can get. We can’t help with everything, but we do have five tips to help you take advantage of a  UK immigration consultant based in Thailand & the UK. The OISC is responsible for the conduct of immigration consultants based in the UK further information can be found here about the OISC and