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Four Tips for Navigating the Cultural Differences in your Dating Relationship with your Thai Girlfriend Dating a Thai girl you’ve probably already experienced an array of linguistic, cultural and other differences that make your relationship unique. Here are four things to help you in your dating relationship that will assist you in navigating the cultural differences and keep you two
Various Aspects of Thai Girls & Dating The online realm has made it possible to date Thai women, a fact that is extremely convenient for many single men. However, there are a couple of aspects worth considering when it comes to Thai girls & dating that can make the entire situation more straightforward. Avoid the Money Stereotype Most western men believe
UK Tourist Visa For Thai Girlfriend –  4 Ways To Make Her Feel Special ! If you’re in the midst of the application process for your  UK tourist visa for Thai girlfriend we know you’re counting down the days until you’re 1) Practice the language and learn the culture: One of the best things you can do while you wait to be reunited
UK Visa Refusal – The Next steps Refused A UK Visa In Thailand We Can Help You UK Visa refusal, so you have had the wait for the decision on your UK visa application only to be informed the application has been refused! After the initial emotional outrage and then trying to comprehend the reasons for your refusal you are
UK Settlement Visa Refused In Thailand Thai Wife Settlement Visa Refused? The financial requirements for UK settlement visas were changed a couple of years ago, and in some ways, it is now easier to qualify as a UK sponsor, and in some ways, it’s more difficult. A sponsor, normally a spouse or partner now has to meet a financial threshold
Thai Girlfriend Refused UK Visa Thai girlfriend refused a UK visa. There is no reason why an applicant should not do their own visa application, but, on occasion, applications are refused, and the applicant then needs to seek advice. Some of the main reasons that visit visas are refused are : Inadequate, or insufficient, documentation. It’s not enough, for instance,
Refused a UK visa? There are lots of reasons applicants get refused a UK visa. If a settlement visa is refused, then there is a right of appeal against the decision, but there is no right of appeal against the refusal of a visit visa. Some of the main reasons for refusal, in visit visa applications, are : Inadequate, or
UK Visa For A Thai National Getting Your Thai Wife OR Girlfriend A Visa To the UK Getting a UK visa for a Thai national can in some cases prove difficult. Before you embark on taking you’re Thai girlfriend to England ensure you cover  the visa basics & cover all the angles. Doing you’re homework & reading good information written
UK Visas for Thai Citizens UK visa for Thai citizens. The United Kingdom and other western countries are especially cautious about women from Thailand gaining entry across their borders. There are several reasons for this based on recent unfortunate history. Many people from Thailand and other developing countries want to immigrate into richer nations believing that they can find better
UK Spouse Visa Application Thailand Apply for a UK spouse visa application in Thailand this new visa gives your Thai wife a total of 5 years stay in the UK. The applicant’s children may also join them in the UK as long as they show they have the sole responsibility of any children. Other relatives can also settle in the