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Pattaya Markets, Supermarkets & Hypermarkets Pattaya markets shopping in Thailand is a national pastime, there is so much choice at hand in Pattaya it is difficult to not find exactly what you’re looking for at a very good price. Lots of ex-pat retirees shop at these local markets which are an extremely good value for money, if you are on
Shopping for Fashion In Bangkok – Bangkok Shopping Guide Bangkok, sometimes referred to as a “shopaholic’s paradise”, truly lives up to its name! Shopping in Bangkok offers you a wide variety of shopping malls, markets, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for bargains, luxury items, high-end fashion, or a cultural experience – you will find it here. Some of
Muay Thai Boxing -Training Centres You might have heard about it, or even seen it on TV. The furious punches, crushing elbow strikes, lethal kicks, powerful grappling and artful feints. But nothing compares to seeing them executed to loud cheers and heart-racing tune of an accompanying wind-and-percussion ensemble. Welcome to the exciting world of Muay Thai, a martial art like
Play Golf in Thailand The destinations diversity and the vast choice of golf courses located throughout the country are key factors attracting the large numbers of visitors coming to play golf in Thailand. From the beach resorts in the south such as Phuket, to the mountainous surroundings in the north, or the bustling cities of Bangkok and Pattaya, there are
Diving in Pattaya Scuba diving in Pattaya is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it is something that more and more people are finding affordable to experience. The area is known for a great range of dive sites, which means a diverse diving holiday is certainly on the cards. That being said, wreck diving has proved to be big
Thailand’s Best Beaches       ‘A sight for sore eyes’  The first reason why most tourists choose to holiday in the Kingdom of Thailand is its heavenly beaches. Those tourists who travel to Thailand from other parts of the world should really not miss out on the opportunity to soak up at least one of the beaches of Thailand on their
Thai Ladyboy’s – Whats It All About Thai ladyboys or “Katoey’s” as they are referred to locally are a prominent feature of modern day Thai society, particularly in Bangkok and Pattaya. When you first arrive and see so many ladyboy’s and overtly gay men, you can’t help but be a little fascinated as to “why Thailand and not other countries”.
Thai Toms What’s The Story… You’d be forgiven for thinking that a Thai Tom was the Thai equivalent of a Tom Boy. A girl who is a bit boyish. You’d also be forgiven for thinking the Thai Tom personified the Western butch lesbian stereotype. In fact, it’s more complex than that. Please let us try to explain…  Thai Toms Explained
SMS Symbols and Abbreviations for Thai Mobile phones  In Thailand like so many other parts of the world mobile usage goes from strength to strength. With the new range of phones comes a whole variety of communication applications such as Line, Tango, and Whatsapp to name just three. However, there is also something else emerging and evolving from mobile usage
There are a handful of Asian countries whose citizens particularly value the potential for improving their looks and self-esteem by going under the knife.  There are also some other places that have simply taken the opportunity to cash in on the explosive growth of international patients seeking elective procedures overseas.  Whatever the case may be Thailand has a thriving cosmetic/plastic