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Australian Tourist Visa for Your Thai Girlfriend
The process of applying for an Australian Tourist Visa for your Thai girlfriend can be quite daunting with the Australian immigration authorities deeming Thailand and Thais as being high-risk. There are two crucial factors that must be addressed for the application to be successful, the first being that your Thai girlfriend has sufficient access to funding and secondly, that she
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Is a Thai marriage recognised in the UK?
In Thai culture, there are different types of wedding, the ones that have been officially registered and ones that have been performed by a village elder and/or monks. Is a Thai marriage recognised in the UK,  yes but it must have been officially registered so that you are both legally married?  In order to be legally married in Thailand, a
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What are the requirements for a Returning Residents Visa?
If your Thai wife has lived legally in the UK previously and plans to return, she may need a Returning Residents Visa assuming that she had been given “indefinite leave to remain” before. This is the case if she has been out of the UK for a greater period than 2 years. The Requirements for a Returning Residents Visa The
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My Thai girlfriend has been rejected for a UK visa
It is not uncommon for a Thai girlfriend to be rejected for a UK Tourist visa, however, the story doesn’t have to end there. Many Thai girls get knocked back when they apply and there can be numerous reasons for this, some being simple whilst others are more complex. The good news is that if you are willing to sponsor
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Can my Thai wife work in the UK?
If you have a Thai wife and you are planning on bringing her to the UK then it is quite reasonable for her to wish to work. Your Thai wife can work in the UK but it depends very much on the visa that she has. If she is visiting the UK for a period of less than six months
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