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Visa FAQs – General Visa Facts

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Thai Visa - Faqs

  • IELTS Test Thailand ?
    Im having trouble finding the correct test can we use bulats still ?You cannot use the old bulats test that was changed in June last year, you can still use the council of europe test until November 01 2015 under transitional arrangements . The test you now require is IELTS life skills test at IDP Bangkok.
  • Savings UK Spouse Visa
    I have savings in excess of the £ 62500 am I exempt from meeting the financial requirements?As long as the cash has been in a bank account 6 months or more, & readily available and under your control then you would qualify using cash savings for 1 applicant.
  • Carer’s Allowance – Excemption
    You are exempt from meeting the financial requirements but you must still meet the maintenance & accommodation requirements.
  • Thai Girlfriend Refused UK Visa
    My Thai girlfriend was refused a Tourist visa when can we apply again ? Immediately but ensure you address the previous visa refusal.  
  • UK Visit Visa – When Can We re-Apply?
    A Visitor Should not normally spend anymore than 6 months out of 12 in the UK.
  • UK Tourist Visa – Apply In Advance Of Travel ?
    Can I apply for a tourist visa in advance of travel - yes you can pre date a visa up to 90 days in advance.
  • Relocating to the UK – UK Financial Requirement
    That is  correct as long as he has a job offer in writing to start work in the UK or a contract to begin work within 3 months he has no issues, but he must have earnt 18600 in his current job for 6 months or more. He cannot be unemployed at the time of application he must be moving from 1 job to another.
  • I Want To Marry My Thai Girlfriend?
    I have known my girlfriend for 12 months now and want to marry her. How do I go about this in order for the marriage to be both legal under thai and english laws?You can marry in Thailand if correctly done it will be legal in the UK -or you could apply for a special visitors visa to marry in the UK.
  • Can My Girlfriend Study In The UK On A Visitors Visa ?
    Your partner can take a short course of study whilst in the UK on a tourist visa.
  • Can we marry my girlfriends on a visit visa ?
    My Thai girlfriend wants us to marry in the UK on our current tourist visa is this possible ?It is possible on a visitors visa but the laws were recently amended in 2015 - please check at your area registrars office.
  • Minimum Age To Take A Thai Partner Back To UK?
    If you wish to marry your partner and settle  she must be 18 and over that's if you wish to apply to settle in the UK. If its a general visitors visa for family friends you should check the guidance before you apply for the visa.