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What Happens if I Fall in Love With a Thai Bargirl?

By admin_thai on March 9, 2020 in Thai Girlfriend

We have all no doubt heard the horror stories about falling in love with a Thai bargirl, and in fairness, a lot of these stories are true. If you have lived in Thailand for any length of time, you will have witnessed the crocodile tears as one “boyfriend” leaves only for it to all smiles and laughter an hour later when the next “boyfriend” turns up. A Thai bar girl’s job is to make you feel good, that is how they make their money, and a lot of them are very good at it!

Can a Thai Bar Girl Fall in Love?

Everyone is capable of falling in love, but girls who have worked in bars for any length of time tend to become a little hardened. They think men only want sex and the girl only wants money. Unfortunately, when someone genuinely cares about them, they don’t tend to believe them. Also, you are likely to be going home in a few days, and they think their chances of you supporting them as an ongoing thing is pretty slim, so they need to think about supporting their families.

If You Have Genuinely Fallen For Her, What Do You Do?

Naturally, you will want to remove your new girlfriend from the bar scene as soon as possible. Here are our suggested next moves:

  • Buy her out of the bar– this could cost anything upwards of THB10,000 depending on where she works, her age and how good looking she is
  • Support her– she will need a regular income, and unfortunately, that means you are going to have to pay, after all, she needs to support her family somehow
  • Get her away from Pattaya– this is optional, but if she has been working the bar scene in Pattaya for any length of time there will be too much temptation for it to be “one last time”
  • Take her to visit England– let her see how you live in the UK and take her on a UK Tourist Visa
  • Marry her– if all goes well and you want a future, you should marry your Thai girlfriend. It will allow her to obtain a UK Spouse Visa and live and work legally in the UK

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